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The superior species, but it shows signs of inferiority

We have a power no other creature has. We have intelligence, consciousness, and the opposable thumb. We are superior, and there’s proof of that.

We were given qualities that make us leaders of the planet we inhabit.

Are we good leaders, though?

A good leader takes care of his followers and makes sure they’re happy.

A good leader listens. A good leader creates balance and harmony.

Unfortunately, this has not always been the case, when it comes to us, as a species.

We have forgotten what our duties and responsibilities are.

We were abducted from our lands, the wild, and placed in cages.

We sold our crown, and freedom, for comfort. Or we were forced to do so.

We are now slaves, numbers, who act against their nature to survive.

We must make money to eat, because we lost the ability to hunt or gather food.

We get sick more often, because of stress and overcrowding.

But, most importantly, we forgot our roots and purpose.

We failed as a species, because the leaders have now become a minority, and they suck at their job. It’s obvious they suck, because we, the inhabitants of planet Earth, are sick and unhappy.

Instead of acknowledging our duties and responsibilities as the superior species, we imitate the wrong role models and destroy the balance and harmony we were supposed to keep. We attempt to hide or ignore our mistakes, instead of owning and paying them.

All because we worship the wrong ‘gods’. Greed, avarice, envy: green like the plants and trees that used to be sacred to us; it looks like they tried to camouflage. Now we’re surrounded by false idols.

Even the bees and the butterflies know what their purpose is: pollinating flowers so fruits will grow. We, the superior species, are lost in our ignorance.

We don’t know what we are supposed to do, but most of us don’t care, we’re either too busy earning our next meal or distracted by degeneracy.

Fortunately, we’re waking up and aren’t too late.

We’re approaching a new Era, a new Renaissance. We must stand by our values and ideals, and share our messages with confidence, and modesty.

However, there’s no rush: Mother Nature is patient and merciful.

She might not always show us Her love, but She loves us.

Just like God does, but actually I’m referring to the same entity.


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Written by sabtraversa

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  1. A sad state of affairs, we humans with an extra sense act senselessly wiping out all life from the face of the Earth because we need more land. We seem to have forgotten what it is to share the world with the other creatures. The world belongs to them as well.

    • Thank you! 😊 I think it isn’t just about sharing with other creatures who belong to this world as much as we do, but remembering our survival also depends on these creatures, they all serve a purpose, but they have needs as well.

  2. In a sense, we are already too late. But there might still be time to change the road we’re on and work to do the damage we’ve already caused

    you are correct in assigning blame to greed. if we valued happiness over wealth, the world would be a vastly different place

    • I’m optimistic because the nature is strong-willed, and able to heal from most of the damage. Unfortunately, humans see most of the efforts as a nuisance. It would be a huge step ahead to just let nature fix itself, but some extra help wouldn’t hurt.

      The problem is that most people seem to confuse wealth with happiness. Financial security gives comfort and ease, but happiness takes more than that.
      Thank you, Alex. 🙂

      • Nature will eventually undo the damage, but we are inflicting harm faster than the planet can heal. What’s worse is we keep using the resources the planet needs to heal itself. It is like we are deliberately doing everything we can to poison our world and then sabotaging its ability to purify

        How stupid can you get?

        • Exactly. I’m still hopeful it won’t be really too late when humans decide to stop the vicious cycle. But then the capitalistic mindset shows up, and people plan to colonize other planets instead of fixing their own and use the available resources in a smarter way.

  3. We all need to stop and take a pause. Realize what you are doing, or not doing for the world you are living in. Take responsibility for what needs to be done. Together, we can make this world a better place. Thank you for this powerful message.

  4. It’s sad because we’re born into the world without all that skills (hunt and gather food)… We’re born to learn to chase numbers, grab numbers and be judged by numbers. Next we’re judge by colours and then maybe who we worship or don’t. We seems to add more and more to the list that divides.

    Perhaps we thought we’re far more superior than we really are?
    We try to control and alter too much to our needs. We make poison for ourselves and we poison others too.

    • After all, there isn’t much glory in being superior, if you don’t know how to manage that power. You’re right, it looks like our ancestors wore the rings of Sauron and now we’re enslaved, commanded to turn the whole Middle Earth into Mordor. 🙄

      • You reminded me of something my friend told me, “too much information is not good when you can’t handle them”. I guess it works for many things, not just information. And now, with power.

        Is that LOTR? I didn’t really watch it.. but I guess, yes we’re enslaved and it goes way back…

        • Oh yes, it applies to many things. For example, those who win the lottery and waste all their money, ending up poorer than before.

          Yes, I didn’t read or watch LOTR either, but I know a little. It’s a fantasy book but it has a political message and was inspired by real things. The author experienced both world wars, after all. 🙂

  5. Some times I think people lose their way, perhaps mankind has lost it’s way?
    I believe that humans were here to be care takers of the earth and we have caused harm to the earth.
    It’s time to rethink for ourselves what we can do to contribute to the greater good

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