The Real Facts of Killing Cats by Medical Students

In the medical field, most medical students are required to study all thing living things on the subject of Zoology. There are some secrets that people don’t know about it. “How can a medical student understand the anatomy and physiology if there are limited resources?” The fact is medical students in college or university need to learn beyond the usage of medical textbooks.

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The old medical students had no choice but to kill cats in learning the principles of anatomy and physiology. This is an old secret that people don’t know. It is also violated the animal rights. The people who advocate for this right cannot be able to stop the medical students. It is also like rats that are a subject for experiments.

Cats resemble the structure of humans. Medical students need to know the actual anatomical structure and its function of cats in reflecting the resemblance to humans. The cat is the best choice to live short on earth and medical students are obliged to do it. If not, then the Zoology teachers will fail him or her. In some cases, some cat’s lives will be spared to live if the teacher requires killing the cat per group. It would be a disaster if the teacher requires killing a cat per student.

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At present, there are some human dummies for the medical students to learn the human anatomy. Hopefully, cat dummies will be available for the modern medical students. It is so cruel to kill a cat but that’s the fact. Medical students need to learn the cat’s every part of it. It does exist in medical schools and cat should run for their lives. If they don’t, then they will die at the hands of medical students. It is a part of educating the medical students and learning to use it in the future.


What do you think?

Written by Steven Gamboa


    • I do agree with you. The question is, “Do the medical students have a choice?” If they don’t kill a cat, they will fail their subject in school. But then, you have a point. It is definitely violating the animal rights.

    • For some people who are medically inclined, they claimed that a cat’s anatomy resembles the human’s anatomy. It is a perfect subject to learn anatomical structures or systems of the human’s body.

  1. When my mother was in high school she had 17 cats and lived two blocks from the school. One day when she came to biology class, the teacher said they would be dissecting a cat he found on the way to class. My mom ran out of the class and counted to make sure all her cats were still there.

    I don’t understand why they can’t use already dead cats that have been killed in shelters as the cats to be dissected. Medical students don’t dissect live people to study human anatomy. They use cadavers. Or maybe they do save these cats now that shelters have killed and preserve them for use in schools.

    • This concern was still debatable why do medical students need to kill a cat and dissect to learn the anatomy of it. Recently, I had seen some medical students study human anatomy using dummies. However, cats are not safe yet. I haven’t seen a dummy that resembles cat’s human anatomy.

      I can feel your mom’s sentiment during that time. She’s a cat lover and afraid that her pets will be dissected. If I am in her shoe, I will also feel the same way.