Self-Support Is Not Ideal in Making Homework

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Some parents cannot understand why they need to supervise their children in doing homework. The reason, some children needed to search information through the use of an internet. Unlike before, people can find information by actively searching the books in the library. Now, all the answers can be easily found in the search engine. That’s the best thing aboutMr. Google. It can provide the latest information about things in this world.


Parenting is a serious matter for raising a child. Social media had been improved in terms of knowledge and understanding of different ideas. Overusage of the internet is not healthy. The parents should give time for their children while doing homework. There are some information, photos, videos or messages online that could misinform or trick the child while surfing the internet.

During the old days, most children are so diligent enough to finish their homework. The usages of textbooks or hard copy books are too important for them. The library is the usual hangout for them and is able to find the details needed for their homework. At some point, parents can provide less supervision.


The mischievous act of children is too modern. They seem surfing the search engine. In fact, they were so busy dribbling their fingers in social media. Things are getting high-tech and influence the child’s behavior. That’s the vital role of the parents to check or monitor of what’s the child’s homework. For sometimes, children will play computer games without noticing it. This is a bad idea for the children to cheat instead of studying or searching on the internet.


There are so many temptations for the children once being introduced into the world of internet. Parents can never say NO in dealing with such modernization. As a routine, parents can still be the best support system for children’s studies. Self-support is not the ideal way for the child in doing homework.


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Written by Steven Gamboa

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