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More Sunsets to Share from my Deck

These sunset photos were taken from my deck yesterday. The first one was taken a few minutes before the sun actually went down. I thought the clouds were very interesting. Each sunset is different as you all know. And the clouds are what really make a signature sunset. I wish I could have photographed the entire sky. It was stunning and breathtaking. Enjoy the view, I certainly did!


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Written by Carol DM


  1. I found my memories in time,
    before the night becomes silver.
    At sunset the whole universe
    it is a moment, lost in love.
    At sunset, the palms slowly
    touch the end of the day.
    The rays are infinitely soft …
    My soul is now warm.

  2. Your beautiful sunsets pictures is a contemplative form of your appreciation and love to nature, of the universe, of and the beauty of life. The pale blue sky, or the burning one, or a combination of the two, seems to be reading a series of poems for you.

    • Thank you my friend Albert. I caught this one by accident yesterday. I noticed the clouds starting to form late so I knew this one was going to be beautiful.

        • How kind of you to notice Albert. I have often been called too sensitive but I wouldn’t change me if I could. Sometimes I have thought about it, maybe it would prevent my feelings being hurt but I would prefer having feelings any day. 🙂

          • Why change, Carol? Sensitivity is a wonderful force, extraordinarily special, and very important. With that, you can be very empathetic and can become a … The feeling is the mind with the greatest energy and ability, if we are able to use it effectively, the benefits will be amazing!