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Shakespear Park

Shakespear Park is in the Rodney District of Auckland. Auckland is quite a large area in New Zealand. Its the largest city and extends from the Rodney District to the Franklin District. A very spread out city.

This Park has a fence to keep Native birds inside it and pests outside it. You are not allowed to bring dogs here. It has some beaches and some outside the native bird area. Part of the Conservation plan of natural New Zealand

Its on the end of the Whangaparoa Peninsula next to an Army Base and by Army Bay.

This is only a small part of Shakespear Park Free to visit.

#1 A View of the sea looking North

This is by the fence that is 9 feet high with automatic gates to keep pests out. We call it a "Rabbit Fence"

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#2 A New Zealand Kingfisher looks on

Not far from this fence.

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#3 Part of this Park, Marsh lands

Taken from the road

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#4 Bush

An experiment with the photo editing. 

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#5 Garden Spider web

Little white parcels in the grassland 

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#6 A beach of Shakespear Park

Not the only one, but the only one we were on today.

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#7 Sea Gull lands on the beach

Action Bird!

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#8 New Zealand Dotterel

Practically invisible but I saw movement on the beach. Its very tiny.

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#9 The Bay from the other end

Same beach 

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#10 Spur Winged Plover flight

I see these around wet lands and beaches.

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