Auckland Central's Waterfront Views

As a guest, some of us would take you for a drive along Auckland’s Waterfront from Central Auckland to Achilles Point.

Quite a few of us living in Auckland will go for a drive for the view itself. Often to view the yachts on a special occasion.

Honestly there are so many views to show you I cant show you the lot in one posting, but this may give you an idea of a tour.

A lot of people who live here come from what is called, “Old Money” and their homes have been in their families for generations.

The Waterfront and people here.

Here we are facing south away from the CBD and this is a walking and cycling lane. The road is on the right. 

The person in the cart here is disabled and powers it himself. 

Mission Bay Fountain

Beyond this is the Mission Bay Beach. Across the road is a whole lot of shops, mostly restaurants, cafes and specialty food places. 

You have to be extremely wealthy to live here, the homes are extremely expensive. 

St Heliers Bay

Here is a broad walk and you can walk on a foot path and cycleway all the way to Auckland CBD from here. 

All of Auckland's Waterfront homes here are expensive. 

View of Rangitoto Island from Tamaki Yacht Club

Rangitoto Island is a volcano. It blew up 500 years and at any time it could blow up again. Most likely in 500 years. However, it is more likely it has a lahsar and another volcanic eruption would blow up near this Island in the sea.

This could happen at any time even now. There has been some minor earthquakes in this area.

Hopefully if this happens we would all have warning and we would have to pack our essentials and leave as soon as possible. 

Probably highly unlikely at the moment but one should always be prepared in case.

Auckland CBD from Tamaki Yacht Club

There is a building here on the right, used for social functions. My eldest sister, Janet had her wedding reception here. 

View from a Bridge over an inlet and of Orakei

The bridge in the distance is part of a railway track. Orakei is the water on the other side and Orakei is the hollow of a volcano. 

Mechanics Bay

This Bay is nearest to Auckland's CBD and also a heliport is near here. People buy tickets to go on helicopter rides here. 

View of Tamaki Yacht Club from St Heliers.

Here over the years, to use this Tamaki Yacht club premises for social occasions is increasing in price as the real estate prices of this land has greatly escalated.

View from St Heliers Bay

My two great Aunts lived up the hill from this bay and used to regularly visit this beach. Today their old house has been taken down and town houses are built on it.

St Judes Anglican Church in Judges Bay

One of our earliest churches. Perhaps some of my ancestors came here if they didn't go to St Mary's Cathedral in Parnell near by? 

Its next to the sea.

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