Saelig Unveils A Compact, Low Energy, USB-Powered Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer (BPA)

A Saelig Company, based in North America, according to the press release, introduces a compact, easy-to-use Bluetooth toll that’s USB powered and offers no hassles decoding, just plug into the USB port and go!

The Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer (BPA) is available now at $995 from Teledyne LeCroy’s authorized North American distributor Saelig. It has a low energy requirement and eliminates the need for an external power supply.

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The features include – a powerful, portable protocol analyzer for wireless transmission that adheres to Bluetooth low energy specifications, ideal for field or lab use.

This analyzer supports all of the mandatory Bluetooth low energy features through Bluetooth version 4.2 and ships with Frontline software allowing Bluetooth developers the ability to see events as they occur live, decoding and decrypting the Bluetooth data for full analysis and troubleshooting issues.

Smaller than a deck of cards (3.5″ X 1.75″ X 0.71″), this BPA low energy analyzer decodes all Bluetooth low energy traffic – including advertising packets, data packets, and LL control packets.

It scans all three advertising channels concurrently, allowing a single BPA low energy analyzer to detect connection requests from initiators on any of the three advertising channels.

Once the connection is established, the BPA low energy analyzer follows the link across all Bluetooth low energy channels, capturing and displaying information sent back and forth the between connected devices or piconets, decrypting and decoding the data transmitted and received by the devices using various profiles and protocols.

With the BPA, setup is easy and does not require synchronization to devices. For coping with proprietary wireless protocols, the BPA low energy ships with Decoder Script software.

Engineers will find this analyzer invaluable as they create and debug innovative wireless Bluetooth low energy enabled products.

Developers of Bluetooth low energy wireless technology will appreciate the BPA low energy’s no-hassle device setup for decoding – just plug the BPA low energy analyzer into a PC’s USB port and it is ready for reliable development and problem-solving.

Bluetooth low energy technology is becoming popular in the healthcare, fitness, beacons, automotive, security, and home entertainment industries.


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