My Pictures for Today 03.12.2017

I present to you my series of photos for today that contain art, flowers, sea and birds. All made today. But let me introduce you to the story of the boy who painted the “Indian Village” on the walls of a bar in Torrevieja Spain. He began to engage in art from the age of 12. It was his childhood dream. Every day he painted. He wanted to take private lessons, but his parents had no financial means to do so. It did not stop him and he continued to paint. Again financial problems stop his other desire to study as an artist. He now makes money by walking and painting where he invites him. He told me he did not give up on his dream, to study as an artist. Having the money he needs will save his first semester. I admire the will and the abilities of such young people who follow their dreams. And you?

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Written by lacho59