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Here are a few photos of Sparrows by Auckland Airport and there is a female Sparrow feeding her young one.

If only the Sparrows could talk, what would they say? It is life. A young one is dependant on their parents until they have small ones of their own. 

#1 Give me

Passed from bill to bill. 

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#2 Eye contact

A Sparrow looking at Sparrow

#3 Flutter of wings

The Sparrows do make a racket, often during feeding time. 

A young Sparrow fledgling has to be fed every hour by one of its parents for quite a while until they are fully adult and able to fend for themselves.

You may notice the expression of the 3rd sparrow on looker.

#4 A continual string of demands

A learning process for both birds.

#5 Ready?

Here they go.

#6 Contact

#7 The cycle of Parental assistance in the Sparrow world.

In this case, patience is definitely a virtue.

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