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Open List – Celebrating al living Creatures Great & Small

Here is a space to submit any bird, animal, wild or tame or even something from the Zoo,,,

Any marine creature like fish, whale, seal or dolphin or what ever is living..

My thumbnail is sheep in Ambury Park

I post mainly bird photos because New Zealand does not have native mammals. We do have native lizards and geckos and some unique insects.

Even a pet is fine to submit here.

They can be up close or far away…

This is an open list…lets see what you get, I really would like you to put in something living

You don’t have to be a professional photographer…

#1 Bantum Chook

Taken at Cornwall Park

submitted by

10 points

#2 Male Cardinal at Deck Feeder

Looks closely to see the sunflower seed in his mouth.

submitted by

9 points

#3 Pistachio Monkeys at the Auckland Zoo

submitted by

8 points

#4 Dolphins Auckland Hauraki Gulf

submitted by

8 points

#5 Joel waiting for food – Domestic cat

submitted by

8 points

#6 White duck portrait

Снимката е направена в Parque de las Naciones Torrevieja Spain.

submitted by

7 points

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