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Oh Those Silly Weathermen

Oh Those Silly Weathermen

Seriously! I don’t know why I bother to listen to or watch  the weather. Because of where I live, cloud seeding, snow making and wind, there is not much predictability that works at my house. I don’t understand it, but the people I live with insist we watch the weather.

Yesterday it said that snow was coming and will be here this evening. I just looked up the 10 day forecast and now it looks like one day we may have a little rain. We had our last campfire of summer last night, heck we might be able to have several more! Now everything changes if it gets cold enough for the ski resorts here to start making snow. Funny that snow doesn’t stay over there, much of it lands in our backyard. Yes, you read it correctly, the backyard. For some reason, it must be the direction of the wind through the canyons, the backyard can have two feet of snow and the front yard, a skiff. 

We have a door that leads straight out the backyard down stairs and one that leads to the front door upstairs. We have to check them both sometimes for the best route. 

I keep polls by both doors, because my short legs often need help to get out to the vehicles when winter is in full swing. So if the snow comes naturally it is pretty even, but when they are making snow it’s not so.

Speaking of snow and cold. I want to share a clip that makes me smile every time I watch it.

Well it won’t load it, but perhaps you can follow the link. I would love to know if you were able to watch the clip!


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  1. Yes, that was a really delightful clip. Latvia was in northern Europe and one October we did have snow and quite a lot but by the end of the month, it had melted away. At least now in Florida, I don’t have to worry about snow,