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Nature Tuesday – Difference before and during Covid-19

All of you who have been on this site for a long time know that I am a fan of flowers. I love and like to take these pictures. I visited private gardens where people knew me and let me own them. Today, however, during my visit to this area, I was unpleasantly disappointed. In many of these gardens, the flowers are ready to die. People have left their homes here in Spain. They left and the gardeners were released. Nobody cares about flowers. The rose bushes that were full of lovely roses are now in a miserable condition. The buds have withered without being able to become beautiful roses. Violets are tiny, gladioli are completely gone. I saw no potassium anywhere. Only a banana tree can bear fruit. The hibus are also alive.

Do you find differences around you that are caused by the Pandemic.

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  1. Most people in their homes around Auckland look after their gardens although there are plenty of weeds in their places.
    I have had several roses grow and they are still growing..

    It is sad when plants are neglected..

  2. There is no difference with us …. but if there is a difference, it is for the better …. people had much more time because they did not go to work and arranged around their houses


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