Monsanto Cotton Production Facility in Texas


The CropScience Cotton Breeding Station was built in Lubbock, TX in 2017.  The building is owned by Bayer and Monsanto.  The purpose of the station was to increase the cotton harvest yields throughout the USA.  Their solution for bumper crops in the cotton industry is killing the weeds before the cotton reaches full maturity.

However, the herbicides used to kill the weeds also remain within the cotton fibers after processing.  Plus, the cotton seeds are genetically modified so that the pesticides that are also sprayed on the cotton do not destroy the fibers.  If the clothes that you wear are not organic cotton, then your clothes are a carcinogen.


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    • Yes, I am. My Dad had me right after I came back from the Vietnam War. I had birth defects due to Agent Orange. Agent Orange was made by Monsanto before it was banned. Now, I’m on my comic book super-villain stuff now with posts about Monsanto.

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