Memory ~ it is still there somewhere

The truth is, unless you have damage and the brain cells are dying, your memories are all there. The more pathways you give a memory the better you are at recall. What helps to create pathways? Using all of your five senses.

Let’s talk about some examples and see if you begin to get the picture. Mentholatum has a strong and distinct odor. That particular odor brings up several quick memories for me. Does it for you? How about the smell of cookies baking? How about the smell of pine?  Not every has the same memory and yet that can be the pathway to many different memories.

Let someone put some safe objects in a bag and then reach in and see what they feel like. Can you tell what they are, or at least come up with some possibilities?

I am sure by now you get the point. Using your senses intentionally while you are learning and studying can help you recall information. It is another pathway to information.

Some of us rely on only a few of ours senses because we believe that is easier and works best. In the short term that is probably true, in the long term you want to use the all if you want great recall.

Over the next few weeks we are going to discuss how we can use our study time, class time and family time to create pathways to better memory recall.

Here is your first assignment. Write down on a 3×5 card the name of three of your childhood friends. Put that in a place where you will see it every day.

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Please do no type it, use a pen or pencil.

Thanks and have a great day.


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  1. Great post. I know that at times I have smelled a certain scent and know it associates with a person. One time I was able to remember who but the other time I am still unsure. I once worked on my memory by taking my old photo albums and writing down the names of the people in the photos including old photos my parents once took. It was great to remember practically everything I knew or was once told.