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To meet the new pajamas day – challenge or madness

To meet the new pajamas day – challenge or madness. What do you think about it? Today I succeeded. I did not even have time to wash my teeth. I took the camera and climbed to the ceiling of the block where I live.

And I’m not sorry. We all know that neither sunrise nor sunset is repeated. I enjoyed the bloody sky. Cold the view when the sun came. I watched the cloud movement in the sky. From grim, dramatic and black, and how they go. The sky was clear and left with its white cotton clouds.

When I went to get home in the elevator I met a neighbor. She was looking at me strangely. I was in pajamas and with a camera in my hands. She must have thought, “I’m crazy.” I do not care about her opinion. What I saw, she missed it. This is only a sight for early-awake people. Others see them only in pictures. You can also enjoy the new day with my photos. Happy Thursday buddies.

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  1. I love these photos (and nice shoes!) I like that you rush out to catch the sunrise to catch these photos to share with everyone. Thanks.
    Usually when I see the sunrise I have not slept all night.