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"Macro Monday" – The 4th Monarch Butterfly

Here is no 4 Monarch Butterfly hatched last week.  It’s our winter when most of you at Virily have a hot summer..

Born on this old toothbrush

Not a chance any more will hatch, in a way August is the coldest month of winter, we have cold southerly winds straight from snow and ice in the South Island.! Lambs are being born in snow!

We don’t have snow as I have said before in Auckland but we also get chilly winds. We do need the rain to fill the Auckland Dams for summer

Climate change..

Hardly any rain last 3 summers and sometimes we have to watch how much water we use. 

It is not dry here in Auckland at the moment but we are told to watch our water consumption.


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Written by Pamela Moresby


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