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Macro Monday Post – Flower for Monarch Butterflies

This is a type of Milkweed, someone told me that it was originally from South Africa. You can get one with yellow flowers or orange red flowers…

The Monarch caterpillars eat it and the Butterflies love it.

Watch out for the white sap in the Milkweed it can actually burn your skin and it is poisonous. Monarch Butterflies consist of poison but they have to be clever how they eat the leaves as a caterpillar or it will kill them. They can only eat a little at a time but they stem the flow of the sap by clever means.


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Written by Pamela Moresby

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  1. In the USA we have a butterfly called the Viceroy which looks almost exactly like a Monarch. They use their similarity to the Monarch as protection. Birds which have tried to eat a Monarch won’t do so again. Nor will they eat a Viceroy.


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