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Linaw Bubong, a Simple Place for a Simple People

Linaw Bubong is known to a simple people especially the marginalized group of residents in the small city of La Carlota in the province of Negros Occidental, Philippines.

It’s located in the upper part of Barangay San Miguel passing a feeder road of sugarcane plantation. It’s riveted by a tall endemic trees along its bank.

Along the flowing water there are stones and boulders which the excursionists love to sleep on or bathe under the sun.

We find the best place to get a relief from the unbearable heat of the day due to the 10-hour outage of our local power supplier due to their schedule of repair and maintenance within our area.

This natural water spring resort is usually full of campers and bathers during the 24th of June which nationally celebrated as “San Juan” (the day of patron Saint John the Baptist) but not a public holiday.

We went  there recently after we attended our Sunday Church services and ate our lunch in our newfound eatery in our place. We rested under the trees. We took pictures at the boulders. Some had immersed their feet in the water.

It had served as our family hangout to cool us up from the heat due to the 10-hour outage from our local power supplier for their scheduled repair and maintenance work which covers our area.

It’s a quite place we know that gives us the coolness, freshness of the nature.

My wife, our eldest daughter with her hubby and only daughter, our youngest son with his wife, our grandson, and I huddled together in one of the boulders along the brook and  ate our snacks of burgers and drank cold drinks there.

What a tranquil place with a soothing breeze coming from the trees and from the rushing fresh water of the mini falls, feeling cool and and refreshed keeps longing to get back soon as we left heading home late in the afternoon. 


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Written by Gil Camporazo


  1. Finally, someone from the Visayas. hehehe…
    I’ll put this place in mind when I could get a chance to set foot on Negros again. It’s been years already

  2. What a beautiful river and area! So glad you get to visit it often. It sounds like an enjoyable day and/or afternoon. Either way, worth the trip! Loved your photos too!