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Hybrid seeds in Eastern Europe


Although the European Union has pretty much banned all pesticides from being used, the continent still has not completely dodged genetically modified food from reaching its borders.  Monsanto plays its part by providing farmers with hybrid seeds.

Hybrid seeds are seeds from crops that are not pollinated in nature.  The seeds are cross-pollinated with other plants so that the seeds produce higher crop yields because the pests will be averse to the genetically modified crops.  The farmers have received record profits by using the hybrid seeds from Monsanto.

The problem is that these hybrid plants create zombie seeds.  When zombie seeds are planted, they create genetically unstable crops that have been mutated.  To prevent farmers from having zombie crops, the farmers have to buy hybrid seeds from Monsanto annually.  

In this video, the zombie crops are being grown in Hungary.  Are you hungry enough to eat zombie corn?


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