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My grandson came to visit over this last weekend. He lives 1000 miles away, and they surprised us and just showed up.

It was a beautiful weekend with the temps at 80 degrees Fahrenheit and not a cloud in the sky!  What better time to take him to a nice free running creek off of one of the only unobstructed rivers in Southern California, the Santa Margarita River.

This creek is called Sandia Creek and is located in North San Diego County California.

We loaded up the 3 dogs and the kid and heading out to enjoy some nature.

As soon as we got there everyone headed into the water, except Penny and myself. You see her on the bank below. She can’t figure why they like the water.. I mean it is for drinking, not getting wet in. She likes to keep her coat dry.

Like a wild child, he ran upstream at full steam. This part of the creek is all deep sand, no pebbles, and ankle deep in a lot of places. Great for running in.

Some places knee deep, and the water is warm!

Maggie Mae is always close. At twenty years old, she still loves going on hikes. Just not real long ones.

Wait up DAD!

I am an alligator…. Beware…

Learning how to float.  Who needs a raft when you can float?

Both of my sons were what you call water babies. Meaning they learned how to swim at 3 months old. Or rather float to the top and roll over onto their backs. Babies can float a long time. It’s nice to see that my son passed this on to his.

My dad was an excellent swimmer. I remember riding on his back as well. This brought back fond memories.

I love the afternoon colors in this one.. Plus it’s got my grandson in it, which makes it a perfect photo. (grins)


Enjoy the small stuff!


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