Creating a Universe – 11

And Then

Then a drunken truck driver crashed into a tower, and electricity was disrupted. For the moment that lights blinked, the Universe died.

The reaction in the laboratory was commensurate with the death of a Universe.

People stood in shock as suddenly everything that had hung in The Chamber fell to the bottom.

Electricity, which had run the equipment which had freed The Chamber from Earth’s gravity and magnetism being disrupted, even for a fraction of a second was an eternity for the ‘Universe.’

Toilet Noel, who had been screaming about using the bio gas, proving over and again that there was enough power to run the entire laboratory, came close to a nervous breakdown, then, enraged, ran through the lab doing the ‘I told you so’ bit, which didn’t win him any friends, and got him tossed out.

The question was whether there had been life on those planets which had been destroyed when the flow of electricity was interrupted.

It became big news.

Detractors went back to the Cold Fusion in a Gym Sock argument, which was getting very tedious. Others indicated that due to the tiny size of the ‘universe’ the possibility of being able to identify anything was a matter of how one wished to read data.

Religious Groups made great hay over the proof that man can not create life, and other people changed the channel.

In the laboratory, the record was being scanned frame by frame.  This would take years.

Dr. Goober  went, hat in hand,  to convince the backers to refund the Project, starting from the beginning, as was only right,(to prove the experiment was successful, it must be repeated).

The funding agencies, however,considered long and hard and decided that investing in diet pills would be more lucrative, and declined further funds.



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Written by jaylar