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How To Reduce Your Electricity Bill When You’re Spending More Time At Home

Since people are spending more time at home lately, their electricity consumption is rising too, especially for those who use electricity for cooking, as well as home and water heating. A local electrical company provided a few tips to save up to 20% of electricity:

  • Using energy-efficient light bulbs can save up to 80% of the energy needed for lighting;
  • Washing clothes on a lower temperature setting on the washing machine;
  • Unplugging the appliances that are not currently used could save up to 5% from the electricity bill;
  • Lowering the temperature of the room with 1 degree could lower the energy consumption up to 10%;
  • Lowering the water temperature from 60°C to 55°C (140°F to 130°F) could save up to 10% of the electricity needed for this process;
  • Turning the oven 10 minutes earlier and using the residual heat could save up to 18% of the amount needed for the oven to work;
  • Using lid on the pans, pressure cooker, or glass and ceramic pans, can save up to 20% electricity; 
  • Using pans and pots that are bigger or smaller than the hob could lead to 15% waste of energy.

Here are some additional tips:

  • Turn off unnecessary lights;
  • Use natural light and task lighting as much as possible;
  • Take shorter showers;
  • Turn the water off when shaving, washing hands, brushing teeth;
  • Switch from a desktop computer to a laptop;
  • Hang dry your laundry;
  • Use energy-efficient appliences;
  • Insulate your home;
  • Use renewable energy.

What tips would you add?


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  1. one of the things that a solar system does is actually show you what is sucking power in your house.

    Unplug things that are not being used!

    the number one vampires in your house (I wrote an article about this a while ago)

    Coffee pots/any appliance with an LED light

    just unplugging those saves energy!

  2. We follow most of these , except we increase our cooling temperatures 2 degrees, right now it is at 24 we usually like it at 22*.
    If possible all of us try to work in the living area to reduce the number of fans, coolers and air conditioners running.

  3. Yes I follow these every day. And the television uses a ton of electricity as well. Some people leave it on for background noise. I suggest turning it off and have a radio in the background perhaps.


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