Creating a Universe – 7

The Universe created was very small, the pricks of light difficult to actually see, and though the monitors gave images of ‘stars’, they weren’t impressive.

No one wanted to go public in a major way without something significant to show the world. Debates raged as to whether to introduce the Space Bee. This was a ‘satellite’ which would take images of the ‘Universe’.

Although it was as big as a pin head, it was enormous in relation to ‘creation’, and could disturb the synergy.

Another sub-committee was formed to deal with this.

A month passed while the Universe brought itself further into balance and monitors were picking up ‘planets’ circling the ‘stars’.

By this time, twenty percent of the staff had been sent home, and five reporters were allowed in. They did their best to explain what they didn’t believe they almost saw.

After a few more committee meetings, Professor Goober decided that the Space Bee was necessary; hopefully, it would snap images of a planet and this would excite the public, for he wanted them understand that this was not Cold Fusion in a Gym Sock.


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Written by jaylar