Creating a Universe – 6

Within the closed world of the laboratory, Noel Caruso, known as Toilet Noel, was trying to convince the directors to switch from outside electricity to biogas. He was marching through sub committees of sub committees, some on site, others contactable over the ‘Net.

Anita Bronz was working on equations to see whether time could be speeded up more than it had been, though it wasn’t her field. Her portion of the project was complete and she was listed for release in the next two days.

Food was disappearing faster than expected and the staff was being cut.

Tommy Chang had already been discharged and returned to upscale hacking.  Krishna Singh was anxious to leave the lab. He had recently married and wanted to be home, enjoying the perqs of his life in the American upper middle class.

He did not think the experiment was successful, but kept his opinion to himself, for he was trying very hard to fit in.

The major topic which concerned the Board of Directors which ran The Project was whether or not to allow reporters in.Committees had been formed to discuss this.


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Written by jaylar