Creating a Universe – 9

So here we have it; months and months have passed after the ‘Big Bang’ in the Chamber of the Laboratory. To the naked eye absolutely nothing appears to be happening, or expected to happen.

To those in the Lab they saw a universe being created in the Chamber; stars being formed, at least in theory.

To get closer looks the Space Bee was inserted. This was a tiny camera moving about the ‘universe’ taking magnified images of what was being seen.

One of the scientists who worked on the project was able to somehow explain to those on the board, that what was happening inside the Chamber was moving so fast that it could not be seen and that techniques needed to be used so as to film the events and then slow them down for transmission.

The Board decided to set a committee to develop even faster imaging, touching light speed if possible, and thoughts were made to recall some of the discharged staff to work on the project.

The public was not particularly interested. Those who were questioned the experiment, some calling it a load of crap, fundamentalist preachers claiming that if it existed it should be stopped. Terrorists wanted to blow it up, if they could find it.  Late Night T.V. hosts were making jokes about it, sci-fi stories were being written about it, and a movie was being slapped together based on assumptions.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar