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Chrysanthemum – “The Eastern Queen”

In the autumn, the home garden goes to its largest colorful finale, and the main role is given to the colorful chrysanthemums. Originally from Asia and with centuries-old history, this magnificent plant is not accidentally called the “Eastern Queen” of flowers – a symbol of autumn, of decay, of tranquility, of longevity.

Here are some interesting facts about the chrysanthemum and what care you need to take when cultivating it to brighten you with your royal presence. Although the name of Chrysanthemum is of Greek origin (from Chrysos – gold, antemon – flower), its motherland is China, where it was cultivated as a herb in the 15th century BC. Over time, it became the national flower of the country, gave its name to the ninth month of its calendar and settled permanently in its art as one of the so-called 4 gentlemen (gentlemen) along with bamboo, orchid and plum color – a tendency to Depicting each of the 4 seasons through the corresponding natural symbol later used throughout East Asia.

In the 7th – 8th centuries the chrysanthemum was transferred to Japan, where it received the name “kiku” – “Evening Sun”, it became a symbol of long life and happiness, the emperor elected it for its seal, and in its honor was organized a Festival of Happiness “. And because the chrysanthemums bloom longer than other flowers, the country of the rising sun is also considered to be a symbol of immortality – a reason explaining the tradition of the Japanese carrying white chrysanthemums at funerals.

In gardens and greenhouses in Europe chrysanthemum appeared in the 15th century, but its symbolism is no longer so categorical. On the one hand, it is considered to be a symbol of the desolation but, on the other, of honesty, gratitude, gratitude. Yellow means selfless love, red – love recognition, blue – fidelity, white – truth, but mourning. In his story “Last Joy”, the artist Yordan Yovkov connects the latter with forgiveness with love. Therefore, you should be very careful if you have decided to give chrysanthemums on any occasion. It is best to choose a colorful bouquet.

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