Christmas present from the EPA

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Before appeals begin in federal court in California in regards to the herbicide Roundup causing cancer, the US Environmental Protection Agency has decided that people do not need to be protected from pesticides.

Earlier this year, a California judge determined that a plaintiff should receive $25 million from Bayer, the onwer of Monsanto, for contracting cancer from the use of their manufactured product known as Roundup.  Scientists have successfully proven that glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, is a carcinogen.  The problem is that Monsanto does not place warning labels on Roundup bottles.

Nevertheless, this appeal could go in favor of Bayer due to this approval by the EPA before this trial goes before federal court.  That means that Bayer will more than likely not pay any settlements to any litigants in over 40,000 cases pending throughout the world.

Thus, the Christmas present from the EPA is more pesticides for you to inhale during the holidays.  What a gift!  Merry Christmas!


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