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Bougainvillea that add colour to our garden

Greenery is fine but a colourful garden is what everyone aims for.  We have lots of flowers and they all bloom during their own time.  Bougainvillea are flowers that show up immediately after the monsoon and stay on till the next monsoon. 

Bougainvillea come in a riot of colour.  We have around 8 colours and in different formations. Many hesitate to have them as they have thorns  Roses have thorns too.  A bit of care is all that is needed to see that those thorns do not take the better of us. 


I have planted them all over the garden so that I get some colour when other flowers do not bloom giving the garden a festive look. 

The best part is bougainvillea do not need much maintenance.  A deep trim is all what they need and a bit of watering.  Bougainvillea are meant for lazy gardeners  🙂

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