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Bird Life in Lang's Beach

I have only captured these birds, the Dotterel, the Seagull, The Juvenile Black backed Gull, Terns and Ducks. These are what I captured last Sunday. I still have loads of photos to edit and sort though. 

The small dotterels can be camouflaged with the colour of the sand. The colours match and hide this small bird. 

Gulls are scavengers and seem to be found world wide.

Ducks live in the south side river of Lang’s Beach. They made a brief appearance.

#1 Dotterel having a bath

I believe that this little bird decided that I was not a threat and did not mind me taking it's photo. Its a very beautiful bird with a lovely presence.

There were actually 4 dotterels, or 2 pairs and they showed me that they are very territorial.

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#2 Juvenile Black Backed Gull Flight

I got several photos of this bird. It was flying all over the place. 

This is larger than a common SeaGull but the same type of bird, a scavenger.

The Juvenille  Black Gull is brown like this for the 1st two years of it's life and then it changes to Black and White when it is an adult.

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#3 Terns.

There were about 5 terns on the beach.

I saw a Dotterel chasing them away. 

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#7 Dotterel

Also got lots of photos of Dotterels this day. They are very tiny birds

  1. These little dotterels are sea birds that are endangered in New Zealand. Our Department of conservation fences off their nesting areas to protect them In many places dogs are forbidden.

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Written by Pamela Moresby