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Birches on the river by oscarps

The birch prefers acidic, moist and fertile soils, often found near streams and in clear areas. It grows wild in temperate regions of Asia, being found preferably in mountainous places of up to 2,700 m.

It usually does not exceed much more than 120 years, with rapid growth at the beginning. Sprouts of semilenous cuttings and seeds with ease. It does not withstand severe pruning because it usually loses a lot of sap, being prone to getting sick from the wounds.

The essential oil is analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antipyretic and healing. The tannins contained in the bark are responsible for the astringent action; The sap has a diuretic and analgesic effect. Indicated for states in which an increase of diuresis is required: genitourinary conditions.


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