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Beautiful sunsets, Senično, Slovenia

I love walking in the nature, the forests.. I usually catch the sunsets. They are in vivid colours, sometimes they are not. But each sunset is beautiful in it’s own way. Sometimes the clouds are the ones who put on a show and highlight this nature’s beauty. Mostly there’s no clouds in the sky but the nature still gives us fantastic colours.

Cold or heat create different colour in the sky, as we know. As I have noticed, the colour that shows in the sky is something I cannot explain and I can say that mother nature is our greatest artist. I hope you will like the photos.

Beautiful sunset and the beautiful golden-yellow clouds above the forest.

Lonely tree with a fantastic sunset in the background in red and violet colours. 

Taken on the edge of my village, the sky giving us it's beautiful golden-yellow colour. Even the snow shines golden. 

Taken in my village, the sun shows it's gorgeous colours in winter. Even the snow shines violet!!

Sunset taken in the middle of my village with houses in the background, showing a very gently golden-yellow hue.

Beautiful tones of violet, pink and red found in the forest just a few days ago. 

A golden sunset with bright yellow colour visible clearly through a fence covered in frost. 

Beautiful sunset in completely clear weather, entire sky was glowing in golden colour. The last sun rays shining on our earth are visible.

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