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A view of the windfarms from the beach

The picture is one I took the other day as I went for a walk on the beach in Great Yarmouth in Norfolk, England.  The windfarms are run by a local company, but I think these are really nice to watch, especially on a windy day.  As we are all on lockdown at the moment and have to keep our distance from other people, I think the beach is the best place to come.  The video I didn’t take, but it gives you a better idea of what they are like when they are working.    Do you have these windfarms where you live?  

We are, the Government tells us, allowed out for exercise for 1 hour a day.  So this was my opportunity to get some fresh air and have a walk.  It was a pleasant day and it did me good to get out and have a walk.  I find it can be a long day otherwise staying indoors all day.  How are you finding the lockdown in your part of the world?  I hope you are all staying safe and keeping well.


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  1. They always get my attention. They look like giants standing in the way. Today, for the first time, children under the age of 14 were allowed to leave with an accompanying person for one hour. For now, if there is no change, we will be able to leave May 2 This is the situation in Spain.


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