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A view of Manukau Heads

Auckland is an isthmus with sea on three sides. We have 2 main harbours, The Waitemata and the Manukau.

The Manukau harbour is the second largest harbour in New Zealand. It’s main port is Onehunga where I live. There were many ship wrecks in the pioneer days of New Zealand and one of those was the Wreck of the “HMS Orpheus” On the 7th February,1863.It was a fine day, but what happened was the sand bar always shifts in the mouth of the Manukau harbour. 189 people died in the Orpheus that day.

The wreck of the Orpheus was the worst maritime disaster in New Zealand but there were many ship wrecks in the Manukau harbour and other ship wrecks on other west coast harbours in new Zealand.

#1 View of the South Manukau head Awhitu Peninsula from Whatipu

#2 View of the North Head of the Manukau Heads from Awhitu Lighthouse

#3 Awhitu Lighthouse

#4 View of the North head from an Awhitu farm.

#5 Manukau heads from Weymouth

#6 Manukau Heads from Stonefields.

#7 Awhitu Beach, North Head

#8 Nine Pin rock on Whatipu beach

The light house is there for a good reason

#9 Manukau Heads from Huia beach

#10 The Wreck of the HMS Orpheus

You can't see the sand bar from a boat....

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