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A Few of My Deck Birds

I love watching birds. And I see a lot of different types in my backyard. The bluebirds are of course my favorite. But the red cardinals are also a beautiful bird to see. I love all birds, except for sparrows. Sorry but they kill the bluebirds while they are nesting and their babies. So with that exception, all birds are welcome. Depending on the season I see many types. I am sharing three different species with you today. And have many more to share later. Hope you enjoy.


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Written by Carol DM


  1. That’s you, Carol! You are so intense and caring about the beauty of living beings. Well, they are very beautiful and adorable. And that’s cardinal… Wow… It’s so dazzling. Indeed, it seems a special visit for you!

  2. Beautiful birds and excellent captures! Now that it’s getting colder, more birds are coming to our feeder too, and since the leaves are falling, it’s easier to watch them.