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Blackbirds ~ Photo Challenge Day 45

I am continuing with the 365 Photos Challenge and I am now on Day 45. Anyone can join in, you do not have to be nominated. Here are the rules on the 365 Photos Challenge.

I snapped this photo from my deck. There were tons of blackbirds all over my backyard. These birds were all waiting to get a taste of the suet in the suet feeder. I will have to put out more if they continue. They always seem to come in flocks. And then leave all at one time. They are beautiful birds in the sunlight. If you look closely you can see they are black but their heads are a striking blue-green color and yellow eyes. These are called Brewer’s Blackbirds with their glossy colors. The females, as always, have a duller brown color. The males always seem to get the brightest colors.


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Written by Carol DM


  1. Interesting to learn about these birds. I wonder if the males are more brightly colored as a protection for the females, attracting the eye of predators away from them.

    • You could be right, however most of the time, from what I have learned through my research, the brighter colors are to attract the females. Imagine that! 🙂