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2nd Earthquake at 6.9 Magnitude

Friday, July 5, 2019

I took out the trash last night. I couldn’t sleep all night because of stomach acid and bloating. So, I mostly drank a lot of liquids all night and went to the bathroom a lot. I watched some indie moves and Roger Waters The Wall concert. By morning, I fed Gumby, ate my breakfast, and took a nap. When I woke up from my nap, I felt energized. So, I decided to go to the walking meetup. But I decided to walk one figure eight lake. I felt a little tired after the first lake. Maybe it is the weather. I don’t want to be dehydrated. There were a lot of baby goslings and turtles, as well as ducks. They looked like they were sunbathing on a hot summer day at the park with their family.

I returned home at 7 pm, and I decided to take a shower because I was sweating.

I sat at my computer, checking out stuff on the internet, and I felt another earthquake at 8:20 pm. It felt a little stronger and longer. I felt my townhouse was shaking, and I noticed my lamps, table, and computer monitor was also shaking. This one is scary. I don’t know where Gumby was, probably upstairs on my bed. I wonder if he felt it. He didn’t say anything.

This earthquake had 6.9 magnitude, which affected the USA and Mexico. Like the first one, it was centered in Ridgecrest, CA, at 8:19 pm, which is near Las Vegas, Nevada.

I decided to add a recent crooked photo because of it looks like it’s during an earthquake.

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Written by Fifi Leigh

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  1. Be safe you guys! Holy cow – it seems different to have them continue like this. My friends have been sharing “Shaking All Over” The Who, etc… and the other tunes for rocking’. Hope the situation subsides.

  2. One good thing about living in the UK is that earthquakes are extremely rare and hardly noticeable when they occur. I have only ever been conscious of one during my lifetime, and it was very small even so. It must be very scary to experience a big one.

  3. Rockin and rolling baby! I have been so sick I havent felt one. But did look at vids in sd that had the sky scrapers swaying. You are a bit closer than I am though. Glad nothing got broken. My dogs have been acting crazy and poor Luna, is a mess. She has been shaking.

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