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Your Pets and Their Quality of Life

Many of my loyal readers know that I have cats that live in my home. One of my cats is very old. He is almost 23 the vet told me a short time ago. I believe something helped his life extend beyond reasonable years. It is called ‘Kenko Pet Pad.” This product is a Nikken product. I use to be a representative for this company, and I still stand behind the quality of them. 

My cat’s insulin level can drop into the thirties. I will put him on the mat and he will starts eating, and acting like his old self in a short time. The vet calls him the miracle cat. Well, this is just what I call this product, a miracle worker. 

I can’t swear it will do the same for your pet, but I believe it is worth a try. Read more about this product from the link below. It even says it may extend your pet’s lifespan. I believe it has helped my cat live longer. He recently went through a raging kidney infection. The vet did not think he would make it. That was over 3 months ago. I believe from my heart that the Kenko petpad is helping him live, live, and live. 

Some told me the Kenko Petpad may be able to help babies that suffer from colic. I am not stating that fact, but I heard it from someone.

Read more about this product here. At the bottom of the link somewhere it says the product may help the lifespan of a pet. This is not saying it will, it is just saying there may be a chance. I say it has helped my cat’s lifespan.


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Written by LaJenna


  1. Most informative. The cat is adorable. I don’t need to have my cat Sid eat more he already eats like a horse but I will keep this in mind because on June 29 I am taking Sid with me on a journey back to the US and after that, he might need to calm down.