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What is this Puzzling Mystery for 5/29/18?

I think Kim_Johnson started a “What is it” posts. Not sure if it is for a challenge, but just having fun playing along. Kim always inspires me to want to post guessing type of posts. Here is just one of her guessing type games. Guessing games are fun and entertaining.

Kim_Johnson Post about guessing the difference

 I think this pictures shows clearly what it is, but go a head and guess anyway.

I used to post puzzling mystery guessing type games, with the same concept as Kim’s “What is it” posts.

What is it? The next one will be harder.

Have a great day and don’t forget to smile as Kim always teaches us to do.


What do you think?


Written by LaJenna

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  1. Should I give it away? I know what it is! Thank you so much for the mention, you are too kind! And also, thank you for making one of these. I have wanted to play too, but can’t on my own games. Grins. I got this one! It took about 2 minutes. I started off by looking at what appears to be a wall, but is not. Then my eye was drawn to the thing! Yes, that thing. Where are the rest of the things? Usually there are more than one thing hanging out, doing what they do. I used to have one of these things. Her name was Heff!


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