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What Is Complementarianism?

There are times when I wish there were no televisions in our home! Apparently my husband heard this term on a program that he was watching and now he needs to understand what it means. That would all be fine and good if I had any idea what the term meant and who even uses it. This is now what is on his brain so I guess it’s time for me to learn all about it.

I went to and it was not there.  My next step was just to put it into the search bar. At least I got some kind of answer. I am not sure I fully understand it, and I am just going to print out what it says and let him decided in what context he needs to know this word. He hasn’t forgotten it and it has been a couple of hours so he still needs an answer.  

“Complementarianism is a view of gender rooted in two fundamental biblical truths:

  1. Men and women are both created in God’s image and are thus equal in value, dignity, and worth.
  2. God has designed men and women to function differently.

Complementarians hold that God has given each gender unique responsibilities that the opposite gender doesn’t share in the same way. Said differently, there is a certain asymmetry in the way that men and women relate to one another, especially in the church and home. In these spheres, men and women function in complementary (but not identical) roles that enrich one another as they partner to advance God’s glory to the ends of the earth.”

I don’t pretend to understand it or even where and why he heard it. 


What do you think?


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  1. my father used to say “just because you can put vowels together doesn’t mean you should make up a new word.”

    I always am curious when new words appear.

    this one is interesting, it feels like a propaganda word. The church that created it saying we believe in equality.

  2. Complementarianism is actually a mathematical term that two angles equal ninety degrees. This word has nothing to do with gender. Everything that is said on TV is not true. The difference between a man and a woman is that a woman has a womb and that a man does not have a womb. Society attempts to make life too difficult.

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