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It is a music morning for me today. I started off listening to Harry Chapin and now Neil Young. Music has always been a part of the creative process for me. I find that songlines stick in my head often. I remember them as if they are works of poetry or literature. OF course, I do the same with lines from Poems and lines from great works of literature. They, poems have a rhythm that is so similar to music for me.  But inspiration comes from so much more than just the actions of others. Sometimes I see a picture I took, like the four I am sharing today, and the combination of the photographs makes a story in my head, today a wander of a wander wandering the flowers in front of us.

As we walk each day, hot, cold, raining, snowing, or just hot and humid; we pass by flowers. Sometimes we stop, and for a moment, we marvel. That flower is special or unique. The color so fetching, so eye-catching that I reach for my phone to capture the moment the flower presents. But at other times, we walk by and nod to the flower. Thank you for bringing great sunshine to the world. Thank you for turning a face to the sun. In so doing, you make our day brighter our world smaller. I have no great skill when it comes to growing things. I can take apart a computer and tell you to want wrong, often. I can pull apart a computer application and explain why it is slow.

I can’t grow things regularly. So I guess I am a beauty consumer. I see the works of others, grapes, and trees, tomatoes, and flowers, and I consume. We must always consider what we can and cannot do well. Some rise to the occasion and can be great gardeners. I applaud them. They bring the joy of the flower to us. Yes, there is as well a joy in the consumption. Many gardeners I know wander to the gardens of others, and for a moment, they stop and reflect knowing the work that went into it. I stop and wonder how? They live a block from me; their house has the same soil as mine. They grow beautiful flowers, me not so much. It is not jealously. It is only accepting that I cannot produce flowers. But I can appreciate both the flower and those who can grow them!

This work is Copyright DocAndersen. Any resemblance to people real or fictional in this piece is accidental (unless explicitly mentioned by name.)


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Written by DocAndersen

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