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Continuing the story of us I started a couple of days ago. Roughly ten days after we had finally started officially dating (I had been dating someone casually, and had asked her if she was interested in a serious relationship. She was not. About three or four days after that my wife and I started officially dating). Two funny things happened in the early days of dating. The first was the infamous lunch. Infamous because in between breaking up with the previous girl and starting with the new girl, I didn’t tell my mother. The lunch was with my mother to meet this new person in my life. To start, my mother thought it was someone else. That made the initial start to the lunch a little awkward. My mother is amazing; my future wife is also amazing, they were both able to quickly adjust to my error.

The second funny event that happened was my father’s doing. The Wednesday lunch with my mother and my new girlfriend was followed by a Saturday dinner at my parents. My parents were having a party, and at lunch, my mother had invited us to wander out to the farm and join the party. My future wife, new girlfriend was fine with that. We wandered out to the farm. My father was in the kitchen cooking. My father didn’t like my ex-wife. I found out after the fact he didn’t like her. He decided to test this new person to see if she would be a good fit. As we walked into the kitchen of the farm my father, who was cooking, asked my future wife, then girlfriend if she wanted to try something. He gave her a spoon full of fresh horseradish as a test. She managed to swallow it, and polity asked for a glass of water. She passed the test.

The last funny story involves a week after the party. On the Sunday after my parent’s party, we had attended a wedding of a friend of my then girlfriend, future wife. That week around Wednesday I decided that this was the girl I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I began writing and planning an elaborate proposal. I was going to take her to the Carolon Towers of Indiana University. One of the most beautiful on campus and propose. I decided to do this on Saturday evening after we had dinner out. We got in my car and got on Walnut street heading north. The Carolon tower is located on the far side of the campus of Indiana University. I was nervous but had my proposal printed and in my pocket. As we prepared to turn on 17th street, my then girlfriend looked over at me while we were turning and said: “we should get married.” We never made it to the tower, and I didn’t ask her to marry me until our 10th anniversary. That was 28 years ago, October 1991.

The story of us that as we!

(10 days after our first official date we were engaged).


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