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Today is Caption Thursday. A couple of fun pictures to caption from London! The one with Big Ben is a family joke. Many years ago, I was working in NYC (New York City) on a project. The kids and my wife had spring break at the same time, so they rode with me (we drove) all day Sunday so I could be at work on Monday am early. The kids and my wife were then going to take the opportunity to see the Big Apple. We rode the Path from Newark to Jersey City, and then I hopped off and headed to the Customer. My wife and kids took off to see the stars (Harry Chapin song reference).  They had a week-long plan of places to go and places to see in New York City.

With my wife and daughter driving the agenda, it started at the Moma. (Museum of Modern Art) wanted to the Guggenheim (also art museum) and several other places. On the very last day, it was cold. It was not the kind of cold you like to be out and about it. My wife wanted to see the Statue of Liberty. The kids did not, they won, and no one went. Now my wife holds up her thumb and forefinger and says I’ve seen the statue of liberty. It is tiny. So that is the family joke, although, at the time, my wife didn’t see it as being funny at the time. They did and still do talk about their trip from Indiana to New York City. The world moves at a different pace in NYC.

They, the kids, got to experience the subways truly. They roe all over NYC in the tube. You very rarely have to obtain a cab in the city if you pay attention tot eh subway stops. They got to arrive in New York in the bathtub of the World Trade Center. The bath is built so that the lower levels of a tall building do not flood. The Twin Towers had been down for five years when we hit NYC. So that kids got to see the hole in the ground that used to touch the sky. It is a pretty sobering experience. Now when you come from Jersey on the path, you go into a sealed area, but then it was open, and you could see where the towers had been just a few years before.

I promise both Big Ben and the Statue of Liberty look a lot bigger in person!

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