United States celebrates the 242th Independence Day, with its commitment

US celebrates 242th anniversary of separation from Britain, on this day the people celebrate picnic and participate in the parade and fireworks and defense exhibition across the country. US President Donald Trump and first lady of America Melania Trump at White House arranging picnic for military families.

On July 4, the ‘Announcement Freedom’ document is read traditionally on the stairs of Washington’s National Archives’ building. Inside the building, the original document of the Constitution and the ‘Bill of Rights’ is highlighted so that ordinary people can see them.

Immediately after the study, the parade is held in which thousands of people walk 10 blocks westward towards the building of the constitution Avenue, where they passes through the memorandum of White House and former US President George Washington

In Washington DC, a gamble music will be held on US Capital, in which ‘The Beach Boys’, ‘Leopard Riviera’, ‘Andy Grammar’, ‘The Temp Tension’, and ‘National Symphony Orchestra’ will be performing.

At the end of the evening Awill be on a wonderful fireworks


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