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Top 10 most famous places to visit in Russia

Allow yourself a vacation to Russia, a really unforgettable and great vacation in the largest country in the world! Relaxation in Russia, in the giant state from the Baltic Sea to the Pacific Ocean, through Asia and part of Europe, will guarantee you exceptional experiences and truly unique moments. The Russian nature is simply stunningly diverse – from the limitless steppes to the highest mountain peaks, from glaciers to subtropical seaside resorts. And there are also the magnificent cities, shining with gold and admiring by the highest cultural level. Every moment in Russia is a joy over the fabulous discoveries.

Krasnodar, Piatigorsk, Sochi are just a few of the many spa and seaside resorts, and those who want to experience some winter sports and search for such opportunities then you should visit the Kabardino-Balkarskaya Republic’s ski resorts. Are you planning a great holiday in Russia? It’s such a diverse country that can offer everything you can dream about for holidays: from the wild steppes and the wooded, majestic mountain peaks to the magnificent summer resorts and magnificent cities.


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