Time to make a challenge!

New Category : CHALLENGES

I was surprised earlier when I checked Virily and spotted a new notification on my browser! It says “NEW CATEGORY!!!”. And that category is no other than CHALLENGES!

Well this is a good response from the Virily admins. Though I started the 365 Photos Challenge, I spotted another challenge running in the site. There might be more that I haven’t seen yet. For sure there will be challenges coming.

Starting challenges indeed is fun, and it entices your friends to keep on posting.

So let’s have more fun in Virily and start your own challenge!


Cover image: The ninja Clipart is from Pixabay. I edited it and added the text using Logopit Plus.


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Written by artbytes26

I'm a self-taught photographer and artist, hobbyist, nature lover, photo editor. and a self trained web designer and developer.


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