The Secret – 9

Julie and I met often. We didn’t have sex, or date, or talk about what had happened during those forty eight hours. We went to casual places, spoke of everything but ourselves and those two days.

We had a lot of interests in common, from sports to politics, to movies to taking Master’s courses, so our friendship was stronger than our ‘lapse’.

For three weeks we never spoke about Marty, on our ‘lapse’. Just like the first night, where we ‘couldn’t remember’ if we acted or if we didn’t, we pretended nothing happened between us.

For three weeks.

Then Julie invited me to dinner with a very serious undertone in her voice. I had a guess what it was going to be.

Dinner was muted. Very polite, quiet, and then she told me she was pregnant.

“Julie, I love you. You love me. Yes, our love was never …” I made those impotent hand gestures, ” I want to marry you. I want you to have our child, and we can be a family.”

“Nick, it’s too soon, everyone will…”

“Only if we sit here, and let everyone know.”


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Written by jaylar

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