There Was No Love – part 7

We   didn’t have a long engagement.  Nor did we have that ‘real’ wedding. We were married at a Registrar’s office.

We  didn’t want the staff Party or any kind of publicity, so took just a week of our accrued vacations, and were gone Friday, after lunch.

I had ‘secretly’ mentioned to the Office Rumour Factory that we were going to get married, but she should’t tell anyone.

After the ‘ceremony;  we   drove to the coast, booked into a guest house, taking a room with two single beds.

During  the next few days we strolled around the property discussing trees  and birds, nothing much.   We were silent much of the time.

We enjoyed the food, and discussed our diets and eating habits, nothing intimate.

Neither    of us was particularly passionate.   He was not hideous to me, but I   did not desire him, and he had an extremely low libido.  At least when it came to me.

In a way, engaging in marital relations, was a ‘betrayal’ of our  beloveds, in another, it was a ‘might as well’.

It happened about a month after our wedding.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar