Making Circles – 22

In the morning I pondered about telling Shaun. Should I not tell him? Should I wait until after exams?

It seemed to me that I’d played my game long enough. I’d pretended,I’d ignored, I’d maneuvered so as to get his interest.

If he wanted to run after Laurie now, then let him. Let him run after her.  I’ve pulled myself this far back, I can go further.

When I met Shaun I told him, “It was a surprise yesterday.  Lauire came…”

“Laurie?”  he asked, his eyes huge in his face, which suddenly was excited and infused with such excitement.

I nodded dully.

“What she say?  Is she back?”

“She told me she was getting married…”


“And wants me to be her Maid of Honour…”

He stared at me, I could actually see his eyes filling, then got up, and walked away.

He got up and went somewhere to cry. To cry over Laurie.


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Written by jaylar