Making Circles – 21

After dinner, I asked Laurie if she was staying with her folks.

“Are you insane? Of course Not!”

“Did you tell them?

“Oh,  I forgot to give you this block buster….”

Laurie went on and on  about how she called her folks and that they wanted to meet her intended before the wedding, and that she had asked if they wanted to spoil it by disapproving…

She was like a toilet with a broken flushometer, finally ending  with her decreee…”Come or don’t come to my wedding!  It is all the same to me!”

At thet point a group of people about our age came in, and she turned to look at them.  As she did I got up, said, “I’m really exhausted…see you tomorrow…” gave her a quick cheek peck and went out of the restaurant

I got home at ten, told my mother about the wedding, and me being Maid of Honour and  other bits and pieces.

“Carrie,”my mother said, “Doesn’t it strike you as odd that she’d go away for nearly three years, and come back to make you Maid of Honour after not a single word?”

“Mom, Laurie’s always been a little…”

“Yes…” my mother nodded.

I don’t know what I was going to say or what my mother thought I was going to say. All I knew was that Laurie would marry someone and I could have Shaun. I know it was ridiculous, but I pretended.


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Written by jaylar