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The Photos Challenges #5 – Mother and Daughter

They said that we are inseparable. Whereever I go, she goes. If you’re going to invite me, expect that you’re inviting two persons. And it is true with my daughter also. I am always with her in her activities. We are the Mother and Daughter tandem.

We share the same habits. I love reading. She also loves reading. At her early age, she is able to collect more than twenty books. Everytime we went to National Bookstore, she would ask for one book. I love sports. She also love sports. She is into swimming. That is just a few of our similarities.

But what binds us together is our love for each other. As her mother, she knows that I will do anything for her. That is the reason why she loves me so much. She even makes my work easy by helping me in any way she could.

I love her as much as I love my other children.


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